Make RAM Saver Crack Latest Version Free Download 2024

Make RAM Saver Crack Latest Version Free Download 2024

RAM Saver 20.0 Crack Latest Version Free Download 2024

RAM Saver 20.0 Crack goals to offer all of the essential tools for increasing the amount of loose reminiscence at any time, tracking and testing the RAM as correctly. With RAM Saver Pro you can look into the going for walks procedures and forestall the unnecessary ones that could clog the PC. RAM Saver there also are many shortcuts at your disposal that will help you attain the system tools, control panel, screensaver or recycle bin options which might also be useful in freeing the reminiscence.

RAM Saver Pro Registration Key includes a specialized and comprehensive Control Panel as a way to will let you better manage your device’s resources. The program will optimize your gadget in a bendy manner and will generate specific data approximately your computer’s RAM. A benchmark test protected as nicely. RAM Saver Pro is the application that helps you to close all of them going for walks applications with a single click on, force clean the Clipboard, and take care of your Windows uptime more effectively. Moreover, the utility will suppress the procedures which might be the use of vital resources.

Make RAM Saver Crack

RAM Saver Pro Crack Free is an intelligent RAM booster, paintings in returned round with professional memory tracking equipment and increasing the efficiency of your RAM with the aid of making more significant reminiscence available to apply for any utility that was presently jogging to your gadget and routinely smooth up and optimize your RAM by means of computerized and intelligent optimization functions.

Key Features:

Memory Optimization:

  • Defragmentation: Rearrange RAM for faster access and improved performance.
  • Memory Leak Detection: Identify and reclaim memory wasted by poorly coded applications.
  • Intelligent Caching: Optimize data usage by caching frequently accessed information.
  • Dynamic Page Management: Allocate RAM efficiently according to real-time application needs.
  • Background Processing Control: Reduce RAM usage by automatically pausing or slowing down less-important background processes.

Performance Monitoring:

  • Real-time RAM Usage Meter: Track RAM usage for individual applications and overall system.
  • Process Monitor: See which applications are using the most RAM and identify potential culprits.
  • Resource Statistics: View detailed information about other system resources like CPU and disk usage.
  • Historical Data Tracking: Monitor long-term trends in RAM usage to identify patterns and potential issues.

Customization and Automation:

  • Automatic Optimization: Set schedules for routine RAM optimization to maintain optimal performance.
  • Boost Profiles: Create custom profiles with different optimization settings for various scenarios (gaming, video editing, etc.).
  • Whitelisting: Exemplify specific applications from memory management to ensure their smooth operation.
  • Alert System: Receive notifications when RAM usage reaches user-defined thresholds.

Additional Features:

  • Game Booster: Allocate more RAM for games to improve their performance and stability.
  • Startup Manager: Control which applications launch automatically at startup to reduce initial RAM usage.
  • Tweaking Options: Advanced users can access additional settings for fine-grained control over RAM management.
  • Disk Caching: Utilize unused disk space as temporary RAM overflow for even more memory headroom (advanced feature).


  • Not all RAM savers are created equal. Research and choose a reputable program with good reviews.
  • RAM savers work best on systems with limited RAM. Modern computers with ample RAM may not see significant benefits.
  • Over-aggressive RAM management can cause instability and disrupt certain applications. Use RAM savers with caution and monitor their impact on your system.

Want To Be Amazing At RAM Saver Crack? Here’s How:

  • System Tray screen of RAM optimizer
  • Desktop RAM screen
  • specialized Control Panel
  • expert reminiscence monitoring
  • bendy memory optimization with entire statistics output
  • RAM benchmark take a look at
  • tracking and manipulate the approaches which guide area in the reminiscence
  • possibility to create “boosted shortcuts.”
  • not unusual and advanced RAM optimizer options
  • computerized and clever RAM optimization
  • speedy run of equipment
  • pressured cleansing of Clipboard
  • opportunity to close all applications for full memory release using one click on
  • manipulate over Windows uptime
  • suppressing and rapid going for walks of the screen saver
  • test the presence of a disk in CD-ROM pressure inside the moment of the computer close down
  • cover all desktop icons
  • compelled close down and restart of the laptop

If you don’t Know? You shall Hate yourself later.

Latest Updates:

  • System Tray icon display changed up to date
  • Graphic container updated
  • SysInfo web page updated
  • Hide all desktop icons.
  • Monitoring and managing the tactics which take location in the memory.
  • Possibility to close all applications for full reminiscence launch with one click on it.
  • Possibility to create “boosted shortcuts.”
  • Professional memory tracking.

System requirements:

  • OS Windows 10/8/7/VISTA/XP/2k/2k3/2k8 x86 x64
  • Minimum screen decision 800×600
  • Pentium processor and above
  • 128 Mb RAM
  • 32 Mb free disk space
  • Download size: 700k

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